Ancestry DNA: Ethnicity Estimates

After about a month’s wait, my Ancestry DNA results have arrived. The results are what I expected; my parents are in fact my parents (there was never any doubt). I was interested in seeing and comparing my ethnicity percentages with each of my parents. Here are my ethnicity results:


My Ancestry DNA Ethnicity Estimates

And here are my father’s:


My father’s Ancestry DNA Ethnicity Estimate

And my mother’s:


My mother’s Ancestry DNA Ethnicity Results


Overall, I’d say my Scandinavian heritage comes from my father’s site of the family (his full sister is 29% Scandinavian), and my Irish/Scottish/Welsh heritage comes from both parents.

If both of your parents have taken Ancestry DNA results, and both confirmed to be your parents, how do your ethnicity results compare to them? Is there a region in your results which does not appear on either of your parents’ results?

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