New Year, New Challenges

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything about Genealogy on this blog. 2018 was a rough year for me personally. The loss of two beloved family dogs and the sudden death of my mother in a three-month span was a devastating blow. Following the loss of my mother, a badly herniated disc in my neck left me in nearly unbearable constant pain and unable to use my right arm for almost two months until it could be surgically repaired. A severe intestinal infection had me hospitalized for several days while I was suffering from the neck injury.

I’m now nine weeks post-op from a cervical discectomy and fusion of C4-C5. The horrific and constant nerve pain is gone. I have regained the basic use and function of my right arm, but the doctor said it may take a full year for the strength and total function to come back, if it ever does.

I’ve experienced the hard ‘firsts’ that come with the loss of a loved one–first birthday, first anniversary, first Thanksgiving and Christmas. I’ve had to be the strong one for my father, as the untimely death of my mother has absolutely crushed him. They were married for forty-six years, but had been together a total of forty-nine years (they began dating as sophomores in high school). I now split my time between my own house and my parents’, looking after my Dad and helping him with the more difficult chores around his house.

I will be putting my house up for sale in just a few months and moving in with my father, a decision that I am still wrestling with because I currently live in the house my mother grew up in. Even though it’s just five miles from my parents’ home it’s a world away, particularly during the winter months. I love my parents dearly, and I know my mother would want me to continue looking after my Dad. I can honestly say that my parents were, and are, my best friends.

Life does go on, no matter how much it feels like it doesn’t or we don’t want it to. There are new challenges that await–selling a home, moving (and downsizing tremendously), and figuring out exactly how three adults and four dogs are going to live together under one roof. There are new adventures to come, because life will go on.

I will be writing more about Genealogy (and a few other things) in 2019 and I hope you will come along for the ride.

~Time is the most precious thing in this world, for it can never be replaced.~

In loving memory of Rudy, Jasper, and Mom.


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