Trying out My Heritage’s New Feature

It’s been a long time since I’ve written any posts on this blog, but that doesn’t mean I stopped doing genealogy research. Like many of us when you hit a brick wall and can’t go any further, it’s sometimes necessary to take a step back and work on other genealogical things—especially now during a pandemic.

My Heritage has added a new feature that is free (there are limits) that allows you to enhance and colorize photos. I’ve been reading about it in various genealogy groups I’m in on Facebook and wanted to see if I could get the same amazing results that other people were seeing with their photos.

I tried out the My Heritage iOS app (free), and I was absolutely floored by the results I got with the photos that I uploaded. I found the app pretty straight-forward and simple to use, and the results give you a slider bar you can move back and forth to see the before & after results. Take a look for yourself below:

Original photo (top)
Enhanced & Colorized photo (bottom) with My Heritage iOS app
L to R: Charles L. Perkins, Amy Buelah Perkins, Caroline “Carrie” Wiggins, Mabel Marguerite Wiggins, and Fanny (Rogers) Wiggins (seated in front)
Georgia May (Perkins) Maytum Darigan. Believed to have been taken on Prudence Island, RI.
Amy Buelah (Perkins) Westgate holding daughter Thelma Evangeline (Perkins) Barth
Mabel & Frank Mandigo and their children: Edmund, Francis, Sylvia, Janice, Anne, Marjorie, and Barbara.

Most photos ended up looking better than others, but there were a few that actually ended up looking worse. Overall, I was quite pleased with the results. It really brought ‘life’ into the photos. I quickly reached the free limit (I believe it was around 10-15 photos) before I was prompted to purchase the ‘Complete’ package subscription from My Heritage. The ‘Complete’ package was pricey (even at 20% off it was still $169), but it allowed for unlimited photos & enhancements and also included all of the research records capabilities. I’ve been a subscriber of Ancestry for years and I am curious if there are records available thru My Heritage that aren’t available through Ancestry. I went ahead and splurged for the subscription. Maybe I’ll get lucky and end up locating a record that breaks through a brick wall or two! If nothing else, it’s a good nudge for me to go through the dozens of trunks and boxes full of old family photos I have, digitize, enhance, and colorize them.

In conclusion, I definitely recommend giving the photo enhancement & colorization feature a try, but I would recommend prioritizing ahead of time which photos you want to enhance & colorize knowing there is a limit to the ‘free’ feature.

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